Open access to Télé-université (TELUQ)
faculty research publications

Note. The following is a slightly condensed translation of the mandate unanimously adopted by each of the four Tables professorales [department-like governing bodies of which all professors are members] between September 16 and December  11, 2013.

Here is the complete French language text on open access adopted  by the faculty, of which this mandate was a significant part.

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-     All members of the Table professorale deposit in TELUQ repository the revised manuscripts of articles in peer-reviewed journal, accepted for publication after January 1st 2013, which they have authored or co-authored.

-     Members of the Table professorale are invited to also deposit in the repository, when they are authors or co-authors, articles accepted before January 1st 2013, as well as any other document resulting from their research (conference papers, book chapters, research reports, working papers, etc.). 

Marc Couture
December 16, 2013